10 Famous Restaurant Recipes You Can Make at Home

Everyone has their own favorite dishes in every famous restaurant which they always go back to. Whether it is a well-loved steak, a sweet dessert from a coffee shop, or sumptuous pasta in a nearby eatery, many customers usually tend to identify restaurants with their best-selling dishes in the menu.
While many prefer going physically to these restaurants, one can always copy the recipes and try them on their own at the comforts of their kitchen. There is no need to have a degree in culinary to end up having an equally-sumptuous dish. All you need is some confidence to whip up a nice recipe and hope for the best. This way, you not only bring the excitement of tasting your favorite right inside your house, you can also exercise your creativity and ingenuity in the kitchen.
Here are 10 easy to copy recipes you can try at home:
Olive Garden: Almost-Famous Breadsticks
Each year, Olive Garden welcomes 150 million inside their restaurants. A bunch of these customers will likely order their favorite breadsticks, which is also their No. 1 choice of appetizer. They consume this along with their all-you-can-eat salad. Stuffed with an addicting taste, many people wanted to know how they make their breadsticks but to no avail. Good thing the Food Network was able to copy the recipe.

Get the Recipe: Olive Garden: Almost-Famous Breadsticks
LongHorn Steakhouse: Chocolate Mousse Cake
The LongHorn Steakhouse has been regarded as one of the best restaurants to serve such a delightful mousse cake. Their steaks are not only what the avid customers look forward to ordering but also their mighty and sinful chocolate mousse cake that you can consume in one eating. Named as the Chocolate Stampede, the cake’s sweetness can be given credit to its ingredients, which are made up of cocoa, dark chocolate ganache, ice cream, fudge sauce, and whipped cream. It was created a decade ago due to the call of the customers to have a chocolate offering on the menu.

Check the recipe here: LongHorn Steakhouse: Chocolate Mousse Cake
California Pizza Kitchen: Barbecue Chicken Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen is one of the movers of pizza creation in the world. They have an array of well-loved pizza options many always looked forward to trying. Be it during occasions, formal gatherings, or just a movie night with friends, their pizzas are always stable at the dining table. They are the minds behind the sandwich-inspired pies, which included the famous barbecue chicken pizza on a thin crust.

Get the recipe here: California Pizza Kitchen: Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion
The Outback Steakhouse serves thousands of Bloomin’s Onions every day in their various branches. It is an ever-favorite order for many patrons because of its distinctly yummy taste. The giant onion is cut into a way that resembles a flower, deep-fried, and serves for the customer’s delight. This giant appetizer’s recipe is a secret one. This popular restaurant does not share their recipes, of course, but the Food Network whipped up their skills to come up with a copycat recipe you can make on your own at home.

Check the recipe here: Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion
IHOP: Almost-Famous Cheesecake Pancakes
One of IHOP’s biggest wins in the cheesecake game is their cheesecake pancakes. In 2007, they innovated their cheesecake recipe when they added chunks of cheesecake to a pancake batter topped with a sweet strawberry sauce. It turned out as one of their best-selling products to date, selling thousands each year.

Get recipe here: IHOP: Cheesecake Pancakes
Red Lobster: Almost-Famous Cheddar Biscuits
Red Lobster has been a go-to place for many who wanted a seaside food and ambiance. Many customers loved how Red Lobster innovated their menu as an answer to their calls of replacing their plain old garlic bread. The freebie snack biscuit is available in all of their 680 locations as an appetizer of Red Lobster’s well-loved dishes.

Get recipe here: Red Lobster: Almost-Famous Cheddar Biscuits
Orange Julius: Almost-Famous Orange Milkshake
There are numerous Orange Julius stands in malls. People line up to these stands to have their hands on their famous milkshake, which is filled with the frothy and orangey concoction, a recipe which the founder Julius Freed has been keeping a secret since it was first served in 1928. Since then, even after Freed pulled out investment money for this stand to grow and partner with businessman Bill Hamlin, Orange Julius is still a household name when it comes to their tasty milkshake.

Get the Recipe: Almost-Famous Orange Milkshake
Although these recipes are only a rip off of the original recipes from these well-loved restaurants, it will not hurt to try some of these in your home. Who knows, you can discover your own style that you can serve to your family and friends.