We’ve all been there: date night is approaching, and you’re already nervous. Your special someone is about to arrive, and you’re a nervous wreck. Fortunately, you can credit this article to help make date night a little smoother. In fact, getting ready for your special night doesn’t get any easier than this.

There are so many fun date ideas you and your special someone can do together. There are plenty of fun and romantic dates you can do just from the comfort of your own home, whether you want to curl up together for a winter date, discover a free summer date or have an at-home date. One that comes to mind is preparing a romantic supper with candles and the perfect soundtrack. If you can tolerate each other in the kitchen, it’s the ultimate test of a relationship. You can credit that these simple recipes will make things go a little more smoothly—and they’ll taste great no matter what.

Enjoy these five date night dishes for every stage of your relationship, from the first night to establishing comfort emotions!

The Very First Date Night At Home
So far, the first couple of dates have gone well, and the first date night is set. Instead of ordering Chinese takeout, prepare a cooked supper for that special someone! Prepare this light yet delectable cider-roasted chicken recipe to avoid the unpleasant garlic and onion breath. Serve with roasted carrots, zucchini, or your favorite squash varieties as a side dish. Prepare this decadently decadent chocolate cacao and blueberry mousse parfait (impressively plant-based and guilt-free) after supper!

Personal Tasting
Even if you’re already acquainted, get to know each other on a deeper degree of level by preparing meals with some form of personal significance. Share your favorite childhood meal, grandma’s homemade cookies, or a dish from a beloved vacation. While each date night is unique, one example may be this healthy take on a childhood favorite: crispy chicken strips and mac n’ cheese. Also, warm chocolate chip cookies are a must!

Mutual Comfort
You’ve reached a point in your relationship where you’re both a lot more at ease with one another and don’t see the need for frequent, costly dinners. So, instead of lighting the candles, relax with a pizza night! Instead of ordering pizza, make investments in a pizza topping bar and let everyone help construct their pie with all of their favorite toppings. Build ice cream sundaes using this innovative recipe to keep the party going.

The First Struggle
Relationship forecasts aren’t always bright and sunny, and you can find yourself in difficulty in paradise. On the other hand, conflicts and disagreements are a natural aspect of human nature and can actually deepen internal relationships. You can credit this rich-in-flavor sirloin steak with garlic butter meal for two, and you’ll be sure to butter each other up again! Serve with roasted asparagus, buttermilk-parmesan mashed potatoes, or any other side dish of your choice. This caramel apple Bundt cake will also sweeten the mood and bring the night to a close.

Bringing Relationship Flavors Back to Life
Even when there are few arguments and an outward appearance of bliss, relationships can become stale due to hectic work schedules and other life’s unexpected twists and turns. Prepare a vibrant lunch that is full of color and vitality to rejuvenate and restore your love! With the help of healthy peppers and pineapple, this slow-cooker Hawaiian pineapple chicken meal is overflowing with color and taste. In this recipe, you can end the night with the vivid color of grapefruit and the sweet flavor of honey!