These are the 11 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

According to nutritionists, the key factor in losing weight is to mind what you eat. As such, it is 20 percent exercise and 80 percent diet. When we say diet, it doesn’t imply not eating but more on modulating the food that we eat. It is important to know the components of the food we munch to count its nutritional values.

In general, foods that are rich in carbohydrates and sugary foods are among the fattening food and should be avoided if you are trying to lose weight. Although it is best to hire a nutritionist to guide you best with your weight loss journey, one might find it costly and could crash their credit limit. So, to help you out, here are the 11 foods to avoid if you are trying to lose weight.

1.French Fries and Potato Chips

Sad to say, to lose weight, you should learn to say goodbye to French fries and potato chips. French fries are made of potatoes, and potatoes are high in carbohydrates. Although potatoes are filling and naturally good for you, the additional flavors and fried nature of French fries make them high in calories as well. As for potato chips, it has lots of preservatives and sodium in it, making it very dangerous to your health. In fact, munching on potato chips is among the causes of weight gain. So, learn to say no to French fries and chips as your first step in weight loss.

2.Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are also the culprit for weight gain. Sodas are high in sugar, for that, they are not ideal for drinking if you want to lose weight. It doesn’t come as a surprise that water is still the best hydrating drink. Just in case you missed drinking colored drinks, opt for tea or black coffee, just remember not to put sugar on it, and it is good to drink.

3.White Bread

Cross out white bread in your grocery list now as it is a big factor for your weight gain. White bread contains a lot of sugar. With it, it is highly glycemic that can spike your blood sugar levels. In fact, there was a study concluding the high obesity rate of those who eat two slices of bread every day. No fret, you can still have your sandwich as there are several alternatives. As such is the almond loaf that is popular among those who are on a keto diet. On the other hand, remember that alternatives have a different taste and a bit pricey compared to regular white bread. No worries it won’t exhaust your credit limit.

4.Candy Bars

As we feel that this needs no explanation, we are obliged to tell you the truth behind candy bars. A candy bar can contain about 200-300 calories and a large amount of sugar. So much so that it doesn’t really fill you up and can just ultimately cause you diabetes in the long run and ransack your medical insurance. They are called treats for some reason, and by treats to be eaten in small amount and few occasions. As such, it is much better to stay away from candy bars and go for alternatives like super dark chocolate, which is said to be rich in anti-oxidant and low in sugar.

5.Most Fruit Juices

Although it sounds nutritious, most fruit juices are a no-no if you want to lose weight. Take note that there is a big difference between whole fruits and fruit juices. Fruit juices often seen in supermarkets have added sugars in them and do not have the fibers of real fruit. Likewise, fruits, though nutritious, should be eaten in moderation as it is high in sugar.

6.Pastries, Cookies, and Cakes

Pastries, cookies, and cakes are also a no-no when one is trying to lose weight. It doesn’t need online schooling to know that these high-calorie and full of trans fat food are among the culprit that adds bulge. Overindulging on it can spike blood sugar as well, so make sure if you can’t get your hand off it, to at least just have a small portion.

7.Some Types of Alcohol (Especially Beer)

Okay, let’s set the record straight. Some alcoholic drinks, not all, are also included on the list of no-noes when trying to lose weight. Beer, as such, is high in carbohydrates. Hard drinks like rum, brandy, and others are okay but should be consumed in moderation. As such, some say wine is not okay for those trying to lose weight as it is also high in sugar, while others argue that it is beneficial for health. Anyways, moderation is always the key. So, do not hoard and swipe your credit card with dozen bottles of wine, as overindulging is not ideal.

8.Ice Cream

I know. It is hard to say goodbye to your good, old creamy ice cream, but you must if you really want to lose the excess weight. Aside from it is high in sugar and calorie-field food, ice creams have no substantial health benefits. So, as an alternative, learn to make your own ice cream using full-fat yogurt and some fruits. Make sure to go easy on the sugar.


The pizza crust is technically just like bread as it has lots of refined flour and high in calories and carbohydrates. So, if pizza is your thing, there are varieties of recipes available on the internet that is not fattening. As such is the keto-friendly pizzas. If you like, you can even attend online classes for low-carb cooking.

10.High-Calories Coffee

Sad to say, commercially sold coffees are also to avoid if you want to lose weight. Although coffee is rich in anti-oxidant and has a high rate of activating your metabolism, the whipped cream on top of your frappe and the added flavors and sugar on your coffee are fattening. So, go for black coffee instead to keep its nutritional value.

11. Foods High in Added Sugar

Lastly, foods that are high in added sugar are to watch out for. There are tons of foods that have added sugar on them, usually processed food. So, always checks the nutrition facts on the back label as it contains the percent of trans fat, trans sugar, carbohydrates, and many more.