These Quick and Healthy Recipes will Surely Boost Your Immune System.

The immune system is your body’s most powerful protector as it aids in the prevention of viral and bacterial attacks and helps in the recovery of your cells after an illness. So, pay close attention to your immune system, especially when viruses and pests are circulating in your neighborhood or even your own home.

Aside from getting enough sleep, reducing stress, exercising, and getting enough Vitamin D from the sun, what we consume can help strengthen our immune system and increase our chances of being healthy. As they say, good health is your most significant investment. We don’t realize it, but food is also medicine. So, with what we have on the table, how do we support our immune system? From turmeric to tangerines, ginger to garlic, all of the recipes here contain immune-boosting superstar components. Try one of these dishes today to maintain your immune system in tip-top shape.

But first, what are immunity-boosting foods?

Immunity-boosting foods are anti-inflammatory foods that contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that boost our Microbiome. It is our first degree of defense against disease and illness.

Turmeric Chicken Soup

Natural antioxidants abound in this delicious and straightforward Immune Boosting Turmeric Chicken soup. They’re packed with healing nutrients like turmeric, ginger, and chili and will get you back on your feet in no time. Try using a rotisserie chicken! You can use the carcass to make subsequent soups or recipes that call for it—the next day. Bonus!

Kale, Tangerine, Pepita Salad

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to prepare a salad? If that’s the case, you’ll appreciate this salad, which is a powerful immune booster. Use tangerines and their juice to season this salad. Due to the components in this salad are high in vitamin C, this will save you from using your insurance.

Ginger Orange Glazed Salmon

Salmon is high in vitamin D, a substance that causes your immune cells to attack bacteria and viruses that have infiltrated your body. You have a double-whammy immune-boosting and delicious dinner with the inclusion of the orange and its vitamin C content. What’s the third excellent immunity-boosting benefit? Omega-3 fatty acids are present in salmon.

Cucumber Yogurt Soup

This cucumber salad is a delightful side dish that comes together quickly. Aside from the cucumber’s vitamin content, it also promotes good blood circulation, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Tossing a yogurt will take your salad to another degree. As Harvard points out, probiotics are well-known for their gut-health benefits, but probiotic strains or “good bacteria” found in some yogurt may also have immune-supporting properties.

Broccoli and Grape Salad

What isn’t there to like about broccoli? It is a simple vegetable to prepare, roast, and turn into a fresh broccoli salad. An out-of-the-ordinary quick side dish is created by combining grapes and broccoli. The grapes’ sweet, snappy taste pairs well with the raw broccoli and onion, while the creamy sauce and toasted almonds tie everything together. Seriously, you do not need a culinary degree just to make this one.

Blueberry Coconut Bake

Oats are an essential part of the diet since they are high in nutrients and contain fiber that aids in cholesterol reduction. That’s correct; the foods you eat can help you lower your cholesterol. Do you want to increase it even more? Warm it up and serve it alongside some low-sugar yogurt. Whether you run out of gas or are too lazy for the gym, this food will save your diet and immunity.

Carrot, Ginger, and Turmeric Soup

The taste combination of ginger and turmeric in carrot soup is, without a doubt, delicious. The flavors of carrot and ginger are already a match made in heaven, but adding a pinch of fresh turmeric to the mix adds another degree of taste. This soup is not only delicious and creamy, but it is also nutrient-dense. Turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for an extra zesty kick, and you’re ready to go!