Celebrities You Might Run Into As They Have Regular Jobs Like The Rest of Us!



The entertainment industry can be very stressful, and you will be surprised at the number of people who simply said “That’s enough” and looked for other jobs instead. While many of us see the glamour in the work, the money, the fame, and the cars that come with it—we fail to see that there is an extreme amount of work that needs to be done. Insane working hours, crappy directors, and stingy producers are just some of the issues faced by our favorite actors and actresses. Sometimes, the appeal of a 9 to 5, where the problems at work are forgotten at 5:01, is certainly appealing.


Some of them have become housewives, a couple of them made investments in technology, and a few others have also tried out the corporate world. One of them even criticized his former sitcom and campaigned against viewing the series due to his newfound spiritual convictions. So, are you curious who among them has become a writer and has inspired children and toddlers to become better at a dreaded high school subject? Read on to find out more.


Kirk Cameron | Evangelist

As someone who was a household name back in the ‘80s, Kirk Cameron had his fair share of controversies. He made several appearances as a child actor, but some of the more notable ones are Like Father Like Son and Listen to Me. Cameron was the archetypal pin-up, admired by many young girls of that period. He is best known for his role in Growing Pains, where he played Mike Seaver for all of seven seasons.

More than 30 years later, and with several projects after, Cameron decided to focus on becoming an evangelist, along with Ray Comfort. They co-preach in The Way of the Master ministry. On top of that, he also founded The Firefly Foundation with his wife, Chelsea Noble. As an evangelist, he usually participates in theological debates. One of them was with Brian Sapient in 2007, where he was eventually given credit for giving birth to the crocoduck meme.

 Charlie Korsmo | Professor

American lawyer and actor Charlie Korsmo is best known for playing the kid in the film adaptation of Dick Tracy and as Jack Banning in the movie Hook. He also played other roles as a child actor, but he left Hollywood as he wanted to pursue another career path. Working in the legal profession first opened him to the many challenges of the world.

Later on, he became a professor at the Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law. How did he end up here when he initially had a diploma in Physics? It was perhaps his work at the Environmental Protection Agency and the House of Representatives that became the main driver. Owing to his vast government experience and deep knowledge of the law, President Barack Obama nominated him to be a member of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 2011.

Kevin Jonas | Co-CEO

The Jonas Brothers were a thing with many teens in the mid-2000s. Composed of Kevin, Nick, and Joe, the band became a prominent icon, especially for those closely following the Disney Channel. They also appeared in the successful TV film Camp Rock and its sequel. The group entered a hiatus in 2012, and Kevin took the time to appear on his women reality TV show, Married to Jonas. What followed was the band’s initial break up in 2013.

After they parted ways, Kevin took the opportunity to make investments in a construction company he called JonasWerner. He also became the co-CEO of The Blue Market Company, which primarily deals with plans of how social media influencers would communicate to their market. This was a visionary company because, at that time, the concept of an influencer was just getting traction. Recently, the band has announced a reunion and subsequently released a new single, What a Man Gotta Do.

Peter Ostrum | Veterinarian

Only 12 years old, when selected for the role in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Peter Ostrum was a one-hit-wonder. Despite having a starring role in the movie, he opted not to sign up for three more films and decided to give up his career in theater and movies. It is not known why he did that, but he has started a tradition where he talks about Willy Wonka to school children. When the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released, people’s interest in him was once more piqued. Was the stress perhaps too much? After all, he was just a kid then and had to undergo training for three hours a day.

Ostrum is now a large animal veterinarian and has made his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Cornell University of Medicine to good use. He practices in Lowville, New York, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Danny Lloyd | Professor

If you don’t feel old yet, please know that Danny Lloyd, the kid in The Shining, is now 48 years old. His role as Danny Torrance in the film was his first and major movie that made him a household name. He did not have much to his credit apart from Will: G. Gordon Liddy, Terror in the Aisles, and Doctor Sleep, but he still became a household name. He then retired from acting at just the age of 10.

Now married to Jessi Diana, Lloyd is also an associate professor at the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College’s Department of Biology. He now goes by “Dan” and recalls that he had to work on a farm to pay for college. When at home, he usually has to endure being teased about his receding hairline by none other than his eldest teenagers. It must be very fun to be around the Lloyds given, their good-natured humor.

MC Hammer | App Developer

Born Stanley Kirk Burrell, MC Hammer is a rapper, dancer, and record producer. He has seen great financial success from the late ‘80s to the ‘90s. Widely considered as the pioneer of pop-rap, where he incorporated elements of freestyle music, he also rose to fame because of songs like U Can’t Touch This and 2 Legit 2 Quit. BET even ranked him as the 78th best rapper ever.

So, what happened to the successful musician? He displayed poor money management skills at one time, so he had to seek court protection, but he now has recovered. He is also a firm believer of the butterfly effect, where one small change can make a significant impact later on. Many would be surprised at this, but among others, MC Hammer is now a developer for iPad apps. He has also taken a keen interest in technology as a whole and dropped some money in start-up companies.

Shirley Temple | Ambassador

Famous before many of us ever came to life, Shirley Temple was a beloved American actress who drew box-office lines as a child actress. She began “acting” back in 1931 when she was merely three years old. Two years later, she became part of Bright Eyes, a movie specifically thought off with her talents in mind. Temple later received an award for being among the most outstanding juveniles in the industry. Her fame waned as she reached adulthood, and so the actress chose to retire from the industry at the age of 22.

What made her unique in many others was when she was named ambassador to Gahan and later on to Czechoslovakia. Temple also served as the Chief of Protocol of the US, where she advised the president and other top executives on matters related to national protocols and practices. She is also given credit for writing an autobiography she aptly titled Child Star.

Amanda Bynes | Fashion Designer

Gaining prominence in the ‘90s and 2000s, Amanda Bynes was headed for the stars. She began her career as a child actress on the comedy sketch All That and later was given her own program, The Amanda Show. Bynes was given so many accolades when she was active in the industry. Among her more famous works are Big Fat Liar and What A Girl Wants. What brought her down, later on, was her struggles in life, including legal troubles.

After some time, Bynes emerged victorious from all her issues. She would later rejoin society to be a productive member. There was even a rumor circulating at one point that Bynes was working in product support, but Snopes has debunked that. What we know at the moment is she has an interest in fashion and has obtained her degree from L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. So, we should be seeing a fashion designer in her soon.

Angus T. Jones | Businessman


Formerly of Two and a Half Men, Angus T. Jones has gained quite the popularity for being one of the main casts of the famous show. He held that role for ten years, but sometime after leaving the show, he confessed that he had some regrets and felt that he was a hypocrite as many of the sitcom’s storylines and premise were against his spiritual convictions. Nonetheless, he was awarded for his acting performance and given due recognition through a TV Land and Young Artists Awards.

He later went back to school and took up Jewish Studies. Now that he is an adult, Jones has chosen to make investments in a business. He became part of the management team of the media and event production company Tonite. Justin Combs and Kene Orjioke were the people responsible for founding the company, with Jones taking on a more supportive role.

Jack Gleeson | Student

His character as Joffrey Baratheon of the Game of Thrones saga has been critically received. Yet, Jack Gleeson did not seem to be too keen on continuing his career in Hollywood. He had been acting since he was eight years old, with some of his projects being A Shine of Rainbows, Batman Begins, and Reign of Fire. After the series ended, the actor entered semi-retirement from acting and took part in independent theaters. Getting tired of that, too, he fully retired and enrolled at Trinity College.

He was a college student from 2010 to 2015 at Trinity College, where he studied theology and philosophy. Gleeson was also elected as a scholar at the university in 2012. It is here where he met the future co-founders of Collapsing Horse Theater Company. Due to the fact that he is very resourceful, it is unlikely he even had to get student loans!

Mara Wilson | Writer

The role of Natalie Hillard in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire catapulted Mara Wilson to fame. She then went on to play the role of Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street and as Lily Stone in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Wilson was a child actress, so she started when she was only five, first appearing in TV commercials with her brother. Her parents were not so keen on letting her pursue acting, but she prevailed. Later on, in 2000, she would retire from the industry.

What she did after retiring was pursue writing. She saw acting as a repetitive task but considered writing a degree better as she could be very creative. The actress also wrote an article about child stars on her website Cracked.com back in 2013. It is interesting to note that Wilson came back to acting in 2012, appearing in several web series.

Danica McKellar | Mathematician

Playing Winnie Cooper on the TV series The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar grew up to be a wonder herself. She was also cast on the Netflix series Project MC2. On top of that, she is the voice behind Miss Martian in the superhero series Young Justice. McKellar admitted that it was rather difficult to transition from being a child star to finally taking on more mature roles. Nonetheless, we can consider her successful. She even directed two short films.

However, her passion lies in mathematics, so she had to hang her acting wings and focused on writing books that would make Math interesting for children. She has authored several titles, including Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail. This book became a bestseller and was given favorable credits by Tara C. Smith, who reviewed it.

Frankie Muniz | Drummer

Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz was once considered among the top bankable child stars in the early 2000s. He is known for his many films, including Racing Stripes, Agent Cody Banks, and Big Fat Liar. Given his acting skills, he was eventually nominated for an Emmy Award in 2001, and he also received praise from The Hollywood Reporter for his role in Malcolm in the Middle.

Muniz later left the entertainment industry to pursue race car driving. Perhaps this was too risky, and his health insurance company did not approve, so he later switched gears and became a drummer instead. He was a pretty strong contender as a race car driver, finishing fourth Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in 2011. The actor also dabbled in business and opened his own novelty shop in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Andrea Barber | Assistant

The youngest of three children, Andrea Barber, graduated with an English degree from Whittier College in 1999. She also pursued her MA in Women’s Studies from the University of York. Barber is quite famous for playing the role of Carrie Brady in the soap opera Days of Our Lives and as Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. First cast for a recurring role, she became a regular when the producers saw her acting skills and how well her character was received by the audience.

Later on, however, the actress would give up acting and later on marry and have children. She also chose to go back to the academe and become the assistant to the director of the Office of International Programs at her alma mater, Whittier College. Barber did not totally shun the entertainment industry and went back to reprise her role in the 2015 spin-off series Fuller House.

Steven Seagal | Reserve Deputy Sheriff

If you’re a fan of action films, especially those from around the late ‘80s and ‘90s, it would be hard not to recognize Steven Seagal. Born in Lansing, Michigan, he began his journey as a martial artist. After teaching in a couple of dojos, he made his way into the movie scene, landing acting credits for flicks such as Above the Law, The Patriot, and Under Siege.

Outside the acting business, Seagal has dabbled in plenty of endeavors. Along with his stints as a martial arts instructor, the actor has also found his way into law enforcement. For his initial tenure as a reserve deputy sheriff, Seagal’s work was documented in the reality series Seagal: Lawman, which aired for three seasons. By 2011, he became the Hudspeth County, Texas deputy sheriff. Like his on-screen characters, it sure looks like Seagal is proud to have some level of involvement with the law.

Terrell Owens | Model

A journey often begins with a source of inspiration. For Terrell Owens, this was during his childhood. At that point, he was already quite fond of football and even cited Jerry Rice as his favorite player. Well, after years of improving and working on his skills on the field, it’s safe to say Owens has since achieved the same degree of recognition as his childhood idol. With that said, in 2018, for all his work, Owens finally landed a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Along with his reputation on the field, Owens has also made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Now mostly pursuing gigs as a model, the former footballer has dabbled in plenty of work in shows and movies. Through the years, he has appeared in titles such as Any Given Sunday, The Celebrity Apprentice 7 and even made his way to a couple of commercials.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas | Harvard Graduate

Jonathan Taylor Thomas began his career in the entertainment industry at quite a young age. Debuting at around ten years old, Thomas got his first shot to fame starring as Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch spinoff series, The Bradys. Along the way, he has also worked on a variety of other projects, such as Smallville, Veronica Mars, and a voice-acting gig for The Lion King.

The actor has had quite a career in the entertainment industry, though he has since lived a fairly low-key life away from Hollywood’s bright lights. Even so, that doesn’t mean Thomas is no longer busy or keeping himself productive. In recent years, the Lion King voice actor added another great achievement in his life when he received a degree from educational institutions such as the Columbia University School of General Studies and Harvard University.

Gary Coleman | Security Guard

The entertainment industry has had its fair share of child actors through the years. Many of whom eventually garnered even more recognition for their careers as grown-ups. Meanwhile, some prefer to keep their career short and shift their sights on investments away from the spotlight. Well, Gary Coleman is somewhere in between these two extremes of the spectrum.

Coleman began his career appearing in commercials and eventually made his way to minor roles in TV shows. After a couple of stints here and there, the actor finally got his big break with a part in Diff’rent Strokes. While he did land more on-screen gigs after that, Coleman also dabbled in other off-camera jobs, notably as a security guard. Speaking of which, acting wasn’t the only thing the Diff’rent Strokes star was good at. In fact, he was known to be quite fond of making miniature railroads during his free time.

Brittany Ashton Holmes | Barista

Many actors often have an acting credit for at least one movie every year. Even so, some of them like to take their time in between gigs. Well, such was the case for Brittany Ashton Holmes. Born on February 27, 1989, Holmes began her career as a child actress, debuting with a spot in the TV show, The Little Rascals.

During those earlier years of her career, she was quite active in the acting scene. In fact, in 1996, she appeared in three made-for-TV movies! After that, though, Holmes opted to take some time away from the spotlight. It took 18 years before she appeared one more time in front of the small screen, and it was for 2014’s TV film We Hate Paul Revere. Since then, she has kept a low profile. What we do know, though, is that she’s been focusing quite a lot on her academics lately. Plus, she works on the side as a barista.

Carrie Henn | Teacher

Through the years, producers and filmmakers spend plenty of investment money creating new stories revolving around the horror and the sci-fi genre. While not many of them stick the landing in the end, there are a good few that end up becoming one of the industry’s greatest hits. Of course, if we were to give some examples, it would undoubtedly be the first two Alien movies.

A cinematic masterpiece made of elements from both the sci-fi and horror genres, 1979’s Alien and its sequel, Aliens, continues to be talked about by fans and movie lovers today. Along with its lead star Sigourney Weaver, another actress worth noting would be Carrie Henn. Often recognized for her performance as the little girl Newt, Henn has since shifted her sights to a career in teaching. In between classes, though, the actress still makes it a habit of interacting with Alien fans at events and conventions, notably the San Diego Comic-Con.

Karl Malone | Businessman

Like many of his colleagues, Karl Malone began his journey into basketball during his years in school. In college, he had the chance to showcase his skills as a player for Louisiana Tech University’s Bulldogs team. Throughout that period, he garnered plenty of recognition among teammates, opponents, and coaches alike.

Often nicknamed “The Mailman,” Malone had quite a knack for reaching people’s expectations. With that in mind, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to say that he always delivered in the end. Starting his NBA career as a Utah Jazz player, the power forward spent his last years playing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Since then, he has focused his investments on other things. From landing a stint in the wrestling scene to appearing in a couple of shows and movies, Malone mainly works as a businessman. He even owns a couple of franchises now, and that includes a few Burger King joints!

Jeff Cohen | Writer

Another child actor, Jeff Cohen began his career in the entertainment industry, appearing in a couple of game shows such as Body Language and Child’s Play. By 1983, he landed his first acting gigs, one for the TV movie Little Shots, and one episode each for the TV shows Webster and Tales from the Darkside.

A few years later, Cohen had the chance to work on other projects such as Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, Family Ties, The Facts of Life, Ask Max, and most notably, The Goonies. Before bidding farewell to the acting scene, his last two roles were for 1987’s She’s the Sheriff and 1991’s Perfect Harmony. Since then, Cohen has found a career as a lawyer and even co-founded his very own firm. From time to time, he also writes a couple of articles for CNBC and The Huffington Post.

Doris Day | Animal Welfare Advocate


Throughout her childhood, Doris Day always wanted to be a dancer. After one thing led to another, however, she eventually found an even higher fascination for singing. Often singing to tunes by Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and Glenn Miller, Day began her music career performing on radio shows and restaurants. Thanks to these gigs, she eventually had the chance to work alongside well-known musicians such as Bob Crosby, Barney Rapp, and Les Brown.

Along with gracing the airwaves with her songs, Doris garnered a skyrocketing degree of praise for her work in the acting scene. Among the movies she’s starred in, a couple worth noting would be Calamity Jane, The Thrill of It All, Pillow Talk, and The Man Who Knew Too Much. Besides these talents, however, the actress-singer was also well-known for being a vocal advocate for animal welfare. In fact, during the production of the latter-mentioned film, Day refused to go on set until the animals seen in the movie were properly fed and looked after.

Freddie Prinze Jr. | Cook

Freddie Prinze Jr. began his career in the acting business like many of his colleagues: landing minor roles for TV shows. After a couple of stints here and there, he eventually got more attention and soon landed more prominent roles. Thanks to that, he then got his first big shot to fame with a part in 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer and its follow-up, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Since then, Prinze has landed acting credits for projects such as the Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed live-action film adaptations, Brooklyn Rules, Boston Legal, and a voice-acting gig for Star Wars Rebels. Before pursuing a career under the spotlight, however, the actor was quite fond of cooking. Well, in more recent years, he had the chance to go back to that hobby of his once more. Plus, to make things better, he even made his very own cookbook titled Back to the Kitchen, which features 75 of his favorite recipes.

Tony Danza | Teacher

Tony Danza has had quite an impressive career. A graduate of the University of Dubuque with a bachelor’s degree in History, Tony began his professional journey as a boxer. He played 12 matches, nine of which he won by knockout – seven of those knockouts were during the first round.

Along the way, Danza also landed an opportunity to work as an actor. After a producer noticed him in a boxing gym, he then landed the role of Tony Banta in Taxi, one of the most beloved TV shows the industry has ever had. Other projects he’s worked on since then include Who’s the Boss, Cannonball Run II, and 12 Angry Men. While he’s still quite active in the acting business, the Taxi star also dabbled a bit in teaching. From 2009 to 2010, Danza taught English class to tenth graders, a stint that was also documented in the reality series, Teach: Tony Danza.

Danielle Fishel | Actress

Throughout her childhood, Danielle Fishel already made her way into the theater scene, performing in stage productions such as Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz. After a while, she eventually landed a spot in commercials and even did voice-over work for a couple of Barbie advertisements. Soon after, she finally landed a couple of roles, though mostly bit parts, for shows, including Harry and the Hendersons and Full House.

By 1993, she got her first big shot to fame, thanks to her acting credit as Topanga Lawrence-Matthews on the TV show Boy Meets World, a role she reprised for its follow-up series Girl Meets World. Since then, along with continuing her acting career, Fishel has also dabbled in other endeavors. This includes her directorial work for a couple of shows, her stint as host for The Dish, and as a reporter for PopSugar.

Lucy Liu | Painter

Throughout her childhood, Lucy Liu was already introduced to various forms of art, including martial arts and acting. Before graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in Asian languages and cultures, Liu landed a couple of on-stage gigs for productions, such as Alice in Wonderland. Nowadays, though, it’s safe to say many of us recognize her for her works in the film industry, including Shanghai Noon, Kill Bill: Volume 1, and the Charlie’s Angels movies.

Besides her career in the entertainment industry as an actress and director, Liu is also quite fond of the visual arts, including painting and photography. Originally going by the name Yu Ling, her Chinese name, the Charlie’s Angels star has showcased her works in several galleries through the years. Recently, in 2019, though, she finally had the chance to display her passions on a national exhibit titled Unhomed Belongings, held at the National Museum of Singapore.

Jeremy Renner | House Flipping

At this point, many of us recognize the actor Jeremy Renner. He found his fascination for the art during his years in college when he took acting classes as an elective. For his start as a professional in the entertainment industry, Renner landed a part in 1995’s National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. Although it was widely panned, it wasn’t enough to stop his career.

After appearing in independent films, Renner finally garnered widespread praise for his work in 2008’s The Hurt Locker. Since then, his fame has soared to even greater heights, thanks to his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as William Brandt in the Mission: Impossible films. Besides acting, the Avengers: Endgame star has also made investments in the real estate business, particularly as a house flipper. Plus, did we mention he’s also quite a talented singer? He just recently released an EP called The Medicine.

Rick Moranis | Actor & Voice Actor

We all have a couple of movies and shows we consider our childhood favorites. With that said, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to assume that a couple of these notable titles had Rick Moranis starring in them. Beginning his career as a radio disc jockey, he eventually appeared in more on-screen projects, including Second City Television.

Nowadays, though, Moranis is arguably most known for his acting credit in movies such as Ghostbusters I and its sequel, Spaceballs, and the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids films. Along the way, however, he spent at least two decades away from the spotlight to spend more time with his kids. Throughout that period, his work mostly consisted of voice-acting gigs and making comedy albums. Recently, though, Moranis has been slowly returning to the entertainment industry. To make things even better, he is set to reprise his role as Wayne Szalinski in the upcoming Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movie, simply titled Shrunk.

Kevin Costner | Environmentalist

There’s certainly no question that Kevin Costner is one of the premiere actors in Hollywood. As an actor, he holds countless acting credits in various films and television productions. He also received numerous accolades such as two Academy Awards, a Primetime Emmy, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Golden Globe Awards. Without a doubt, Costner was able to put together one of the most successful acting careers in the entertainment industry’s history.

It’s certainly interesting to learn that Costner decided to take a short break from his illustrious acting career and Hollywood. He took a break shortly after the Gulf Oil Spill, in which he quickly rose into the occasion to help. Costner formed his company named Ocean Therapy Solutions in order to find a way to separate oil from water. To this day, he continues his environmental advocacies while appearing in certain films and television shows.

Elizabeth Berkley | Writer & Author

Elizabeth Berkley is a well-known American actress who’s appeared in several films throughout her career. Berkley’s most notable acting credits include her portrayal of Jessie Spano in the hit television show Saved by the Bell and in the 1995 film Showgirls as Nomi Malone. Besides film and television, Berkley also managed to venture into theatre, where she received recognition for her outstanding performance in Hurlyburly. You could say that she was one of the most recognizable actresses in the ‘90s.

It’s definitely interesting to know that Berkley is currently taking a break from accepting acting projects. In turn, she currently manages to cultivate her passion for writing. In 2011, Berkley was able to publish a self-help book titled Ask-Elizabeth. It’ll certainly be interesting to see whether she makes an acting comeback while continuing to be an author and writer at the same time.

Jim Carrey | Painter

It’s undoubtedly difficult not to recognize who Jim Carrey is. Carrey is an award-winning Canadian-American actor who’s best known for her distinct and energetic slapstick performances. Some of Jim’s most notable acting credits came in comedy films like The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, The Truman Show, and many more. Besides acting and comedy, Carrey is also a skilled writer and established producer.

Jim Carrey is a talented actor who likes to continue channeling his creative juices, even if he’s not on a particular film set. Off the screen, he wants to continue being creative through his other passion, which is painting. Jim usually spends most of his downtime creating art and painting, and he’s undoubtedly good at it. Without a doubt, it’ll be interesting to see if his works and masterpieces gain recognition in the future. Indeed, Carrey will continue to inspire millions of people worldwide through his legacy and iconic performances.

Lenny Kravitz | Interior Design


Lenny Kravitz is undoubtedly one of the most successful musicians of all time. Lenny is a multi-talented artist, and he excels as a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Besides music, Kravitz is also an actor, and the musician has a good number of acting credits in his resume. You could Lenny is one talented individual that manages to succeed in every platform that he ventures in.

As we said, Lenny Kravitz manages to find success in every platform. With this fact, it was a no-brainer for him to pursue a career in interior design. He was already known for his eccentric style, and it certainly made sense for him to create his own design company called Kravitz Design back in 2003. To this day, Lenny does various interior and product design that draws inspiration from his remarkable and unique personal style.

Sarah Michelle Gellar | Entrepreneur


There’s no question that Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the most recognizable television stars in the 2000s. She’s best known for her lead role in the hit WB/UPN television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1997 until 2003. Besides Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gellar also holds acting credits in other television shows like All my Children, Swans Crossing, and many more.

Besides acting, it’s certainly interesting to learn that Sarah Michelle is also a successful producer and an even more successful entrepreneur. Even at the peak of her Hollywood popularity, Gellar started her own food crafting company called Foodstirs. Today, she occasionally appears in various productions, and she plans on releasing a cookbook in the future. She also has two kids, and it’ll be interesting how she’ll manage her time as an actress, entrepreneur, and full-time mother. Well, the fans are adamant about keeping tabs on Sarah’s new lifestyle with all her added responsibilities.

Daniel Day Lewis | Cobbler


Daniel Day-Lewis is a retired English actor. During his days as an actor, Daniel was a highly-respected figure in the entertainment industry. He holds several acting credits in various films and television productions. He even managed to find decent success in theatre, too. As an actor, Daniel was able to win several accolades, including three Academy Awards for Best Actor. He also has four British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and many more.

Daniel called it quits despite his success in the entertainment industry and decided to move on from his illustrious career. Once he retired from acting, he managed to land an apprenticeship with renowned Italian cobbler Stefano Bemer that lasted for eight months. Today, Daniel is 64 years old, and he’s currently working on his own fashion line. You could tell that Daniel’s decision to move on from acting is paying off in his favor.

Dylan Sprouse | Brew Master


You probably know Dylan Sprouse as one of the twins from the hit Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. He also appeared in the spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck, recurring his role of “Zack Martin.” Interestingly, Dylan also holds a couple of film credits, including in the comedy film Big Daddy. However, after Big Daddy and The Suite Life, the Disney star could not land prominent roles, which led to him venturing outside the entertainment industry.

Despite not land roles in films and television shows, Dylan managed to stay busy by being a savvy entrepreneur. He managed to pursue his passion in brewing beer, and he once worked for Kings County Distillery. Eventually, Dylan took the knowledge that he needed and started his own brewing company. He also became the youngest brewmaster in the United States.

Erykah Badu | Doula


Erykah Badu hails as one of the most iconic and widely celebrated music artists of all time. As a music artist, Badu has been able to create and release several records throughout her career. Some of Badu’s most notable tracks were “Bag Lady,” “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop),” “Didn’t Cha Know?” and many more. Furthermore, her eccentric style is just as memorable as her music, as she’s often remembered for wearing large and colorful headwraps.

Besides being a celebrated music icon, Badu has one profession that you can categorize as a “regular job.” She’s known as a very spiritual person, and it made sense for her to become an official doula. If you don’t know, a doula is a woman who helps other women during labor and after birth. As of 2015, Badu reportedly assisted on over 40 deliveries, which is undoubtedly an impressive feat. She certainly deserves credit for being the most talented doula ever.

Michael Schoeffling | Carpenter


Michael Schoeffling is a former American actor and model. You probably know Schoeffling for his credit role as “Jake Ryan” in the film Sixteen Candles. Besides Sixteen Candles, he also played the role of “Al Carver” in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, “Joe” in Mermaids, and “Kuch” in Vision Quest. Without a doubt, he was well on his way to becoming one of the premiere actors in the entertainment industry.

You could say that Schoeffling couldn’t sustain the passion and motivation that he needed as an actor. He shockingly left the entertainment business as he was nearing his peak years as an actor, and he now works as a carpenter living in Virginia. Though his current job is more straightforward than his old profession, one cannot deny that Schoeffling looks happier today. He’s utterly passionate about making custom furniture and things that can help interior design.

Phoebe Cates | Boutique Owner


Everyone who watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High back in the 80s certainly remembers how Phoebe Cates stole the hearts of viewers. Besides Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the actress is also known for her outstanding performances and acting credits in Gremlins, Heart of Dixie, and many more. You could say that Cates was well on her way to cultivating an illustrious acting career, but she walked away from the entertainment industry in 1994.

As we said, Phoebe retired from acting back in 1994, after she married her husband, Kevin Kline. Kline and Cates already had kids at the time, and Phoebe decided to retire from acting to raise their kids. While fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, Phoebe managed to open up a boutique called Blue Tree back in 2005. The boutique is located somewhere on Madison Avenue in New York.

Mike Vitar | Firefighter


Mike Vitar was once an American actor, and he’s appeared in a good number of films back in the 90s. Mike’s most notable acting credits include his performance as “Franklin Rodriguez” in The Sandlot and as “Luis Mendoza” in the final Mighty Ducks films. He started his career as an actor pretty young when he was just 12. A casting manager discovered him while he was in line for a ride at a school carnival.

Though Vitar was slowly on his way to establishing himself as a great actor, he called it quits and walked away from the entertainment industry back in 1997. After he retired from acting, Mike decided to become a firefighter, and he’s still a firefighter to this day. People can say that being a firefighter is way more tedious than being an actor, but we’re confident that Mike has his reasons.

Vanilla Ice | Real Estate


There’s no doubt that Vanilla Ice was one of the most recognizable rappers back in the late 80s and 90s. He rose into popularity through his debut album Hooked back in 1989 and later released iconic hits such as “Ice Ice Baby” and “Play That Funky Music.” Interestingly, “Ice Ice Baby” became the first hip-hop track to land the top spot on the Billboard charts. With this fact, he’s considered as one of the artists that helped introduced hip hop to a mainstream audience.

However, Vanilla Ice wasn’t able to sustain its mainstream popularity. As his career dwindled, he proved that he’s highly capable of succeeding in other industries. The iconic rapper managed to cultivate a career in real estate! Today, Vanilla works as a house flipper, and you could say that he’s the right guy to help you if you need help renovating your real estate investments.

Nick Offerman | Woodworking


Nick Offerman is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable actors on television today. Offerman is best known for his credit role as “Ron Swanson” in the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. He’s also known for appearing in other television shows like The Founder, Fargo, Making It, and many more. Besides acting, Offerman is also an established writer, comedian, and producer.

Offerman isn’t just an actor, writer, producer, and comedian. He also explores another creative venture that isn’t in the entertainment industry. Whenever he’s not acting, he’s usually spending time in his woodshop named “Offerman Woodshop.” That’s right, Ron Swanson, in real life, is exceptionally talented in woodworking, and he loves to make canoes and tables. We’re certainly happy for Nick as he gets to channel his creative juices, even when he’s not fulfilling his duties as an actor. However, it would be interesting to think about the avenues that Nick plans on exploring in the future.

Sharona Alperin | Realtor


It’s undoubtedly safe to assume that most of us are familiar with the hit and iconic single “My Sharona.” The person who deserves credit for the song and its lyrics was Doug Fieger, and it was about his girlfriend, Sharona Alperin. In 1979, Fieger and Alperin separated after a four-year relationship, which prompted Fieger to channel his creative juices and write a song for her.

As we said, “My Sharona” went on to become one of the most recognizable and iconic tracks in music history. For Sharona, the song brought her all the publicity and popularity that she needed. All the attention generated from the song was undoubtedly handy as Sharona is currently working as an LA realtor. Interestingly, Sharona has several clients in the entertainment industry, and she can thank Doug for creating the song that allowed her to burst into the spotlight.

Al Franken | Politician

It’s not a secret that Al Franken was one of the best and most hilarious comedians in the entertainment industry. Besides comedy, Franken was once a prolific actor and writer who’s best known for his contributions on Saturday Night Live. He was also an established writer, and he was able to write a good number of satirical books. Without a doubt, he was succeeding in multiple platforms, and it’s such a mystery why he decided to walk away from the entertainment industry.

While it may be true that Franken walked away from Hollywood, he remained in the spotlight in the succeeding years. He always had a certain degree of fascination with politics, and he eventually ran for a seat in Senate. Franken finally won the Minnesota seat back in 2009, and he received re-election in 2014 for a second term. Indeed, Franken went through a hard-fought battle coming up to his present accolades.

Liam Gallagher | Watchman

Singer and songwriter Liam Gallagher rose to fame for being the lead singer of the English rock group Oasis from 1991 to 2009 and later served as the frontman of another rock band called Beady Eye from 2009 to 2014 before venturing into a solo career in 2017. With Oasis, the band released their debut album, Definitely Maybe, in 1994 and garnered commercial and critical success. Their second album in 1995, “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” topped the album charts in many countries. Gallagher released two studio albums with the band Beady Eye before they disbanded in 2014 and eventually began his solo career in 2017 up to the present time.

However, it wasn’t an immediate success in Gallagher’s career. In his younger years, he once worked as a watchman for British Gas and helped with his brother Noel’s job as a roadie for Inspiral Carpets.

Leanna Creel | Photographer & Filmmaker


Leanna Creel began acting in the 1980s, along with her sisters Joy Creel and Monica Lacy. Together, they appeared in two television movies on Disney’s Parent Trap III and Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon. She then landed a guest role in Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1992, alongside her sister, Monica. That same year, Creel secured Saved by the Bell, Ned and Stacey, and One West Waikiki.

The actress obtained her bachelor’s degree in history and master’s degree in film and television at UCLA. It didn’t take long for Creel to produce her debut film in 1994 for a friend whose producer had an involvement with a personal mishap. Creel also worked for the game HSX or Hollywood Stock Exchange. Several years after, she founded a film production company, which Lionsgate later bought. Today, Creel runs a studio company specializing in travel, food, and lifestyle content.

George Foreman | Pitchman & Entrepreneur


Retired American boxer George Foreman won boxing’s heavyweight division championship twice in his career and Olympic gold in 1968. Several years after his win in the latter, he went on to win his first world championship in 1973. But his reign ended with a loss to boxing legend Muhammad Ali in their legendary bout in 1974, and it was Foreman’s only defeat by knockout in his professional career.

In 1977, his quest for another title shot saw derailment with a loss, and Foreman subsequently retired and became a minister for non-denominational Christian. He founded the George Foreman Youth and Community Center located in Houston. But with newfound vigor, the boxer returned to the ring after a 10-year hiatus in the sport and became world champion for the second time at age 45. And after achieving success to a considerable degree in professional boxing, Foreman became a popular pitchman and famously known for his George Foreman Grill.

Barbi Benton | Veterinarian


Barbi Benton is known as a four-season regular for the television series Hee Haw and a country singer in the 1970s. After graduating from UCLA, she became a veterinarian but eventually had to give up that career path because she could not stand the sight of blood. Following her appearance in the TV series, Benton then landed a credit role in the West German comedy film The Naughty Cheerleader in 1970.

After that, the actress appeared in various television series as a featured repeat performer, such as The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and The Bobby Vinton Show. Benton also starred in the short-lived comedy series Sugar Time! on ABC-TV and the slasher film Hospital Massacre. Benton attained modest success as a recording artist, reaching the top-five spot on Billboard’s country singles charts with hit her record Brass Buckles. However, it seems Benton has a following of young talents that want to achieve the same feats as her.

Gary Dourdan | DJ


American actor Gary Dourdan is notable for his roles in television series such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Warrick Brown, Righteous Villains as Mickey Monroe, and A Different World as Shazza Zulu. In the early 1990s, Dourdan started his career in New York City, playing in several bands. He also acted in regional theatre around the tristate area.

Dourdan landed an acting part as Janet Jackson’s love interest in the latter’s music video for her hit song, Again, in 1993, and a cameo appearance in the music video Move the Crowd by Eric B and Rakim. From then onward, Dourdan’s career flourished to a considerable degree, starring in the aforementioned television series. Meanwhile, at some point in his career, the actor pursued a career in DJing. Today, he’s still active in movie projects, having starred in Redemption Day recently.

Jonathan Bennett | Indoor Cycling Instructor


Jonathan Bennett is renowned for his roles in films like Bud McNulty, Mean Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Van Wilder: Freshman Year, and the mystery drama Veronica Mars on UPN. Besides acting, Bennett was also the host of Cake Wars and the Food Network series Halloween Wars.

Early in his career, Bennett received a role on the soap opera All My Children as J.R. Chandler on ABC network from 2001 to 2002, shortly after moving to New York. The actor has since appeared in various series, including Smallville and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. But Bennett worked as an indoor cycling instructor at one point in his career, as he always had a passion for fitness, according to him. In recent years, though, he has starred in several television shows and big-screen credit films. More importantly, these new opportunities provide Bennet with more avenues to spread his popularity and fame.

Helen Hunt | Filmmaker & Director


Academy and Emmy Award-winning actress Helen Hunt is notable for her roles in the film As Good As It Gets and the sitcom Mad About You. She earned her first screen credit in the television movie Pioneer Woman in 1973. Later on, Hunt starred in the acclaimed medical drama St. Elsewhere in the 1980s before portraying the character of Jamie Buchman in the hit sitcom of the 1990s, Mad About You, for which she received four Emmys.

The award-winning celebrity performed in the box-office hit films Twister, Castaway, and What Women Want. She won an Academy Award in As Good As It Gets and a nomination for her performance in The Sessions. For a time, Hunt stepped back from the limelight but ventured into a path of filmmaking and directing and shared that she was glad to have the opportunity to craft her own stories.

Chris Owen | Photographer


American photographer and actor Chris Owen is best known for his performance in the American Pie film franchise as Chuck Sherman. At 10, he began acting in his first recorded film credit in 1991, Le peloton d’execution, a French-Canadian film. Subsequently, Owen appeared in numerous films in the 1990s, such as Black Sheep, Can’t Hardly Wait, Major Payne, She’s All That, and many others.

And like any other people who had regular jobs, Owen once worked as a waiter at a restaurant called Sushi Roku after being spotted in 2013. After that article, which New York Daily published, the actor appeared in two films and the series Criminal Minds. The last film that Owen starred in was The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time. Currently, he’s reportedly working as a photographer. Simultaneously, Owen is shaping up to be a competitive artist in photography with a unique take on various techniques.

Roseanne Barr | Stand-Up Comedy


Before gaining prominence in the television sitcom Roseanne, for which she won a Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, Roseanne Barr started her stand-up comedian in the 1980s. She had gigs in clubs in Denver and other Colorado towns and at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Moreover, these early opportunities enabled her to learn from the amateur scene. Barr then went on to appear in The Tonight Show in 1985. The following year, the comedian performed on The Late Night with David Letterman and a Rodney Dangerfield special.

Barr gained career traction in the early 1990s through her role on the show mentioned above and landed an acting credit, which premiered in 1988, which was viewed by millions of households, making it the highest-rated debut of that season. However, Barr had fallen from grace in 2018, and she’s reportedly living in Hawaii, actively participating in social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Josh Saviano | Lawyer


Former child actor Josh Saviano is notable for his role in the ABC network television show The Wonder Years, but his first appearance on TV was a one-line role in an Aim toothpaste commercial. Saviano’s other parts included The Wrong Guys, Camp Cucamonga, and a cameo appearance in The Wizard, with guest-starring in Fun House and Reading Rainbow. Another commercial he starred in was for the Oldsmobile Silhouette.

At one point in his career, Saviano quit acting to pursue his studies at Yale University, where he majored in political science. Following his graduation in 1998, the former actor worked as a paralegal for a New York City law firm and then for an Internet firm after that, before earning his Juris Doctor degree from Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. In 2015, he founded two start-up companies—Act 3 Advisors and JDS Legal.

Greta Garbo | Salesperson


Swedish actress Greta Garbo was noteworthy for her sad and unhappy persona in her many portrayals of a tragic character in film credits. She was ranked 5th on the list of greatest female celebrity stars of classic Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute in 1999. Garbo started her career with a secondary role in The Saga of Gosta Berling, a Swedish film, in 1924. More importantly, Garbo experienced the hardships of the time and still prevailed in proving her worth to everyone.

Following that movie, her performance caught the attention of the chief executive of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Louis B. Mayer, and brought her to Hollywood in 1925. And after several years, Garbo attained international stardom with her third movie in 1927 from the silent era. But before becoming an actress, Garbo had worked as a salesperson at a Swedish department store, promoting men’s clothing lines.

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