Know Who Among Your Favorite Stars are the Wealthiest Today

Morgan Freeman | $250 Million

Aside from his great acting prowess, Morgan Freeman is also famous for his distinct deep voice. He is not only an actor and director but also a perfect narrator. In a career spanning almost six decades, the actor has already appeared in various film genres and portrayed different characters that he effortlessly nailed on. Everything started when his 1970s TV series The Electric Company became a success.

From here, Freeman started to play different roles and even appeared on stage. He then received various accolades and credits along the way that made him one of the most respected actors of today. Freeman also has a production company of his own called Revelations Entertainment, which he co-owns with his business partner Lori McCreary. Will all these to his name, it is no surprise that the actor has now amassed $250 million, and it may continue to grow as time passes.