Look…These People Turn More Popular And Successful After Transgender Surgery

SBeing transgender today is not a big issue anymore, but that was not the case a few years earlier. Coming out of the closets has always been a personal, familial, and community struggle. The transgender person usually finds it hard to express themselves and reveal their gender identity to their parents for fear of rejection. Even if the family accepts them, there is still the more significant issue of community acceptance. Many believe that society, in general, tolerates members of the LGBT community, but they are not accepting of them.

Meanwhile, the entertainment and modeling industry has always been a sort of haven for transgender people. It is in this space where they could make the needed investments and express their creativity. It is not without problems, of course, but this world has been more accepting. A quick look at the list below reveals that most of them have found their success in the industry. A good number have also excelled in other fields, like writing, teaching, and even business! So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that transgender people are only confined to the entertainment industry!

Kelly Van Der Veer | Transgender Woman

Kelly van der Veer is a well-known Dutch television personality and singer. She’s known for appearing on the Dutch version of Big Brother titled Big Brother: The Battle. She also participated in several Dutch reality shows specifically for transgender competitors. Some of Kelly’s most notable television credits came in shows like Gay in Amsterdam, De TV kantine, and Meiden van de Wit.

Kelly was born back in May of 1980, and she says that her formative years were an incredibly difficult phase in her life. Kelly was often mistaken for a girl and had to frequently deal with ridicule. She saw an escape by cultivating a career as a media personality and eventually underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19. Kelly found success as a television personality in her home country, and now, she plans to gain a foothold in the American media scene. She currently lives in the United States, and she’s taken up a part-time residence in Florida.